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2007 Blogs

Today around 11 was ridiculously windy, and the fools that we are, Tasha, Nick, Joachim, and I went out for a ride in the worst of it.
After taking these pictures I was literally blown over and I had to hunker down so I wouldn't fly away.
My weekend was spent above 7000 ft elevation, so I didn't miss my tent. Golly - dork alert! Jen, Tasha, Damian, and I drove to Gunnison Friday evening with the dogs - Casey and James. Saturday was a UCI race in Gunnison on the Western State College's campus. Fun course with little barriers, which was nice for short people like myself. It was really twisty-turny on slippery grass. After fueling up on espresso shakes after the race, we began our drive to Durango over some passes that had the potential to be absolutely stunning, had it not been dark out. This early night time is killing me! Tasha and I stayed with our teammate, Kristin in Durango for Saturday night, and raced on Fort Lewis College's campus on Sunday. 5 out of the 8 girls who raced the Elite Women's race were Velo Bellas! Good thing we had three in the top four! After that race was sushi galore! After meeting up with Michael and Webcor teammate Rebecca for sushi, Jen, Damian, Nick, and I went back for some more. Yum. Great weekend all-around. Next stop: Trenton, NJ...

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