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Have you checked out a crazy cook named Klunk's blog? Funny much?? She beat me to blogging tonight, and it is a waaaay better entry than mine will be. I'm already putting myself down. But geez, she's counted to infinity. Twice. Who can beat that?

Tasha and I made granola and chai tea tonight. Just labeling what we made tonight as granola doesn't give it enough credit. I mean, I don't like to boast, but our granola making capabilities...well, let's just say that MC Hammer can't even touch it. We have been brainstorming these works of art for weeks now, and finally put aside our busy schedules of correspondence with NASA for the beverages they owe us, for our interviews with the Guinness Book of World Records, and for suing NBC (Law and Order are the trademarked names for my left and right legs!)

The chai tea made their house smell heavenly spicy. The dog was licking the air it smelled so good. Tasha was like a mad scientist with her concoction of spices. Did I mention the granola? We have defied and defined the laws of granola making. She also made a cous-cous dish with strange and unusual spices from another world. And also a Mexican soup which makes the taste buds sizzle.

The best part - we didn't have to clean up because Casey the dog licked all the pots and pans and counters and floors and spoons to a Mr. Clean clean.

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