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There's a game of tag going around, and I've been tagged twice, by Beth and Carol. I'm supposed to write 5 things that most people probably don't know about me, and tag another 5 fellow bloggers.

1. In Vermont my family owns a Christmas tree farm.

2. Some of my poetry has been published (just in the VT newspaper, but published nonetheless).

3. I failed gym class in 8th grade (because I was gone skiing 3 out of 5 days, and because I couldn't throw a football).

4. In 1992 I won the pedal powered tractor pull at the VT state fair, and it is still the biggest trophy I have ever won (my brother, who is 6 years older, placed third and received a ribbon).

5. I haven't always been "Little Amy". In my ski racing days I was a good 20lbs heavier, and up until 5th grade I was always the biggest girl in my class; I just haven't grown since then.

I am tagging...
Tasha, because her blog is filled with funnies and great recipes.
Anna, because I'm still waiting for her to blog about her amazingly fun weekend in Portland with Jen and I.
Dave, because he hasn't updated his blog since June 4th.
Heather, because I feel bad about putting NJ down before really seeing it.
Vanderhoot, because you left a nice comment on my blog without a name and I'm not exactly sure who you are...and also because you gave me a new nickname: DombrOUCHski.

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