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Last two photos from Tim Brennan...apparently my personal mechanic and photographer.
Team Din Din
No matter how muddy, no matter how cold, Meg is in style.

The car is packed and muddy and ready to roll.

I suppose I'll write a few things about my rough ride on Sunday. I couldn't get out of my own way. I had a good start, only to mess up on the first corner and lose some spots. I made those spots back up, and then fell in a big muddy puddle, caking my gloves. Then I couldn't really brake or shift, so I guess, to slow myself down, I opted for falling. And crashing some more. And crashing and falling. Falling onto icy ruts hurts, a lot. I feel and look as though I have been beaten with a baseball bat. But I guess you need a rough day every now and then to really appreciate the good ones. On the positive side, though the frustration I was feeling throughout the race was overwhelming, I'm happy I finished. The feeling of defeat is worse than having a rough race on the bike.

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