amy alison dombroski

2007 Blogs

I'm a little fried right now so I'm taking a knee. But I'm bored, so I'm starting a blog. I like to write and I guess I like to share, so I'm sharing my writing. I just got home from house sitting for my coach's sister in Louisville, and taking care of their pooch, Inga, a german shepard, a sweetheart. I had never spent any time in Louisville, and always referred to it as Loserville...but it has a pretty unique downtown area. Other than that, I've just been working. I do this data entry job where I search papers for addresses of houses for sale, type the addresses into a spreadsheet, and email these off to my boss. He then sells them to moving companies, who send postcards out to the addresses that say "We can help you move!" Not gonna lie, it is boring, but my boss makes up for it. If you see a family out at the local Boulder races, with two cutey little kids cheering "amy, amy, amy!", that's them. So supportive! If you're selling your house and you get a bunch of moving company's postcards - that's my fault, sorry. But without junk mail, your mailman would be without a job.

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