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2008 Blogs

The weekend's fun began with a fatty breakfast at Lucile's, when Dan and I stood in the pouring rain for a table for twenty minutes. The biscuits soon warmed us up.

Then the Sparkles from the Springs came up, and the J-Allen trekked over from Louisville, and we met at Beth's to hang out with Sam-Dubs. After watching some Olympics we walked to Pearl St. I've been sitting on my arse since Sunday when I concluded my 2008 road season. So despite how much I hate walking, it was real nice to make use of my legs. As an added work-out, we took turns pushing Sam in the Chariot.
Check out the sky in that picture. It rained for two days straight, and finally the sun came out and we embarked on our walk. It stayed clear for a couple hours before raining on us again on the walk home. Things are green now! More on Saturday here.

Today was the North Boulder Park Criterium. It was wicked nice to watch the bike race and not race it. Heckling is tough and serious work, not for the light-hearted. Mara took the W, holding on to the title from last year.
Afterward we had a tailgating party. We held an award ceremony for Sharon. She won Beth's "Baby Pool" - it was a contest to see who could guess closest to Sam's birth-date. She won a trophy, a t-shirt, a Coors 5-pack, and a marshmallow pop that she wouldn't let me roast on the fire.
Renee and Jenna were the fire masters, but I tried to help.
Carol was the Samsonite sitter of the day. No, the umbrella wasn't for rain today, it was sun block for Sam.
More on today's festivities here and here.

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