amy alison dombroski

2008 Blogs

September 9th was my 21st birthday...a huge stepping stone into the world of adulthood. I have to start using big words and reading long novels and listening to Cyndi Lauper and flossing my teeth.

A good number of adults came out on a school night to help me celebrate.
Dan and Nicole's matching pink drinks came with matching rainbow umbrellas and floral printed skirts.We started the festivities off at the Med for Happy Hour, which is assuredly the best Happy Hour menu in town. Then we ventured on to the West End for a round. Then to Centro, then to the mechanical bull!!

After my ride on the bull, I played sorrowful songs of the south to the other bull riders.
Apparently Dan was the best bull rider. He says he's been working on "his thesis" and not riding. I call a b.s. card. He's been riding...the bull.
Robbie ripping it.Not sure what's going on here? Giving me a tip?
Lesley letting loose.
Kerry kickin' it.

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