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Huh, I just noticed that this blog doesn't get updated by itself.

While in VT I started feeling the effects of sickies coming on. Gloucester was just a few days away and I was determined to feel healthy through the weekend. It seems that if I acquiesce to the symptoms, then it is as if I am telling my body that it's ok to break down and fill up with snot. So I spent 24 hours in bed and on the couch in front of the fire place, I ate Dad's chicken soup, and I ate garlic sandwiches - raw garlic cloves in between a piece of bread to drown away some of the potent-ness. I kept it at bay through the weekend, but the flight back to Colorado finally did me in. I found myself an aching snot ball, which then digressed to a day of puking garlic and canned chicken noodle soup. Fortunately the latter was only one day of my week-of-sickness. After five days I got back on the bike, with one day of "intensity", which felt like someone had poured lead in my legs, before jetting of to Kentucky for the first round of the USGPs. Two laps in and I couldn't breathe and the lead in my legs grew heavier. I doggedly dropped out. Sunday was better, as I grabbed second wheel off the whole shot. This was put to a halt as I went head over teacup in the first barrier section, dropping my chain, then dropping to DFL. I made my way back up to top 15 before totally blowing; got a second wind on the final lap and sprinted in for tenth. Oy oy oy.

Next was the Boulder Cup, where I was really hoping to shine. Chris Grealish and the DBC event crew have put on this amazing UCI cyclocross weekend for the passed 3 years. One race at the Boulder Reservoir which overflows with sand. Then the glory day at Harlow Platts Park in South Boulder, which brought out 3-5,000 heckling, cowbell ringing spectators. With it being my 'home' race, I did some hard training last week, hoping to get my legs going for the races. But I did too much. My legs felt as heavy as my heart did on Sunday. I was wearing number 1 in the leader's jersey, absolutely amped to rip - and all I ripped was my own legs off and a stitch out of the skinsuit. So now it's back to bed - sleep, eat, recover, and hope I'll come back around. Enough brooding - it was a fun weekend. Friends, family, old, new, and current teammates made up the crowd of 5,000. I got off my bike 4 laps in, cracked and ready to quit on Sunday but Donn pushed me back on. Big time Dave Towle was announcing - and should announce more cross races. The elite of the elite traveled to race in the bubble. Georgia leap frogged us all. I made some tasty waffles. I had a bitchin' mechanic helping me out. Ruby got a skinsuit. And we were all able to laugh about it and drown our sorrows on Sunday night.
My body and mind feels about as wrecked as it did after Tour de l'Aude - but bones are stronger after healing from breaking right? I just voted and am really hoping to have something to celebrate tonight. GObama!

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