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2008 Blogs

Woke up this morning to a winter wonderland. Just an inch or so, that went away quickly, but it was a nice change of scenery. Brother Dan and I made some waffles, then Robbie and I were off to Chatfield State Park for a little psychocross race. It was a wicked sweet course - lots of fun and muddy single track. I rode four laps before the race and my bike was running great. Then, about half way into the first lap my shifting went haywire. So I zoomed into the pit to grab my other bike (which I had just put new FSA stuff on and didn't tighten enough!), mounted and almost went head over teacup as my bars did a 180. Dropped that bike, and grabbed the shizah-shifter for the remainder of the race. But then, with 2 laps to go my front tire was going flat. No big deal I thought, I've run 12psi before! But the final lap got sketch, and I rode the rim through the last few turns. As I said, fun and muddy, and way better than riding the road bike in the brisk cold, or stabbing my eyes out on the trainer. I've been traveling a metric shit-ton this season, so it was great to race at home and see all my friends out, taking advantage of the perfect cross weather!

I found a tree wrapped in my cassette which could potentially be why I couldn't shift.

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