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2009 Blogs

It's always nice when you time your training well with the weather. When I arrived in CA, I was welcomed with bright sun and 70 degree temps. After riding my legs off for a week of that, it turned to rain...which is probably good because then the temptation to ride isn't so high. On one of my recovery days I drove to Watsonville to pick some frames up. It rained all day, but was refreshing when I didn't need to be out riding.Watsonville is right on the coast, so I stopped for a bit to check the ocean out. The two dots in that picture are two fishermen who were running around like playful kids.Gloomy, but sometimes gloomy is a good thing. Sometimes.

I then typed Mexican food into the GPS, and it went wild. There were quite a few to choose from and I had a darn-skippy-good bbq chicken burrito. Like pretty much the best ever. Next door was an awesome fruit stand. Like pretty much the best ever. Wicked cheap and delish fruit and vegetables. The sign says 20 artichokes for $1. Whoa.
Later that evening I drove to Oakland to meet up with my old English teacher and dorm parents from Burke, Bryce and Kim. The friendships and relationships established at Burke are a strong and continual slice of goodness. Bryce and Kim recently got a lap-rotweiler mix puppy named Aimee. Pretty much the cutest pup ever. Her teeth are like razor blades and she likes to chew on everything.

I noticed a crack in my Orbea, so it became a little unnerving to ride it. Good thing is, my frame was ready and the parts arrived. Super mechanic, Dave is here too, and now I'm riding the fresh new Leopard!

More rain overnight, but hopefully it clears when I need to be on the road again!

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