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Today kicked off the Tour of Gila in enchanting Silver City, NM.

Here's is Rebecca's race report...

"Tour of the Gila Stage 1: Mogollon Road Race

The Tour of the Gila is a 5 day stage race in Silver City, New Mexico. There is a small amount of altitude here and a lot of dry heat. The first stage consists of a 73 mile road race is a mostly downhill/rolling course that ends on a 6 mile climb with sections that run as steep as 18%.

Webcor’s goal for the day was to put pressure on race contenders from other teams so once the race got going we started launching attacks. Amy, Alex, and Gina got the ball rolling for quite some time giving it a go one after another. There were moments when each of our 3 riders appeared to have gotten clear and would possibly make it to the base of the climb in a small group but because of either a lack of cooperation from break mates or a strong chasing field no one got clear initially. At about the ¾ mark of the race Nikki and I joined the attack efforts while Katheryn conserved in the field. With 5 Webcor riders attacking, Gina finally got clear with 2 other girls—Rachel Heal (Colavita) and Hillary Billington (Lip Smackers)—when she rocketed up the side of a rise.

Once Gina and her group got clear, Karen instructed Nikki and I to attempt to bridge so we would have more numbers to start the final climb. It took a couple tries, but eventually there was a lull in the field and I attacked with purpose. I got clear with no troubles and spent the next little while bridging up to Gina who waited patiently for my arrival. It was pretty exciting to reach Gina with only 9 miles to the base of the climb but that left a lot of work for our fearless chief. She drilled it up and down every rise and decent to the turn off for the climb until she was cross eyed and then it was my turn to take over. With about 6 miles remaining I gave it a little extra where the climb began to drop the remainder of the break and then I was on my own. Long time up hill alone!!! I tried my hardest and gave it my all, but the steep sections killed me and around 2 miles to go Kristin Armstrong passed me. It all ways an honor to get tromped by an Olympic champion and I tried to hang on to her but it was only in vain. The next group to catch me happily contained Katheryn with 2 other girls. I watched Katheryn pull away from her companions so I was pleased to see her lock up 2nd place on a wicked climb. A group of 3 Vaule Act girls were the next to catch me and as we approached the line I was officially toast! I think I held on for 8th or so and I couldn’t stand at the finish—first time experience.

The rest of the team rolled in strong with Nikki and Alex both in the top 20 and Amy and Gina just shortly there after since they had demolished themselves prior to the climb. Today was a great team effort and we are excited to be in 2nd place overall. There are still 4 hard days remaining!"

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