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Last Friday...only a week late.

Last Friday I loaded up the Super Rupair Courtesy Shuttle; that awesome yellow Baja you may see driving around Boulder.  Super Rupair will be sponsoring me with a car for the upcoming season.  I am excited to partner with a local Boulder company.  Subaru is basically the official car of Boulder and Super Rupair is an independent repair shop you can trust.  My bro and sister-in-law have been bringing their Subarus to Super Rupair for years now.  If you're reading this and own a Subaru, bring it to Super Rupair for your next oil change and tell em' I sent you!

Anyways, I loaded the Baja up with all the necessities of a weekend of cold and sloppy 'cross racing.  I was giddy with excitement to finally be packing multiple pairs of booties, rain pants, Euro-style Chamois Butt'r, extra shoes, my trusted Stanley thermos, etc, for what was promising to finally be a mudder!  Alas, I had only worn my long sleeve skinsuit for 3 races this season...short-sleeve is just NOT cyclocross.  Off to Fort Collins to the Rio Grande for the number presentation ceremony, I was quite pleased to find chips n' salsa n' guac n' beans at the center of the floor (the first sign the New Belgium USGP was gonna be a goodun.)

The next morning was cold and as I was parking the Courtesy Shuttle I noticed the current racers were decked in mud, from the holes in their helmet to the cracks in their teeth to their caked tires.  A grin.  The recon laps were exciting as it felt like my ride in the icy canyon on slicks the other day.  My first lap informed me I had some work to do as the frequent turns and switchbacks were taking me out right and left.  But each lap was better and off my last recon lap I was excited for the carnage that would be.

Off to a less-than-desired start I heard a crash behind me on the first left turn. Luckily I was quick enough off the line to avoid that.  I found myself on Boulder's Nicole Duke's wheel.  Being an ex-pro downhiller I was content being here.  But on the first climb (yes climb, this course was for a mountain goat) I noticed that my teammates, Katka and Georgia were upping their pace and creating a gap.  I moved my way forward, just shy of Katie's wheel.  I fought to gain the distance back to the 2 front blueberries but couldn't and was quickly in no-man's land after my first crash.  This would be the story for the rest of the race.  I was battling the course while the front 3 were battling each other.  So I had fun trying to keep moving forward as rapidly as possible, but it was no pace to compare with the body blows being served at the front of the race.  I certainly struggled and by the time I finished I had a good portion of the course coating me.  It was a great lap if I only crashed once, a good lap if I crashed twice, but my worst lap was reserved for the final one where I crashed 3 times in a 400m section.

But you know what - 'twas all fun and games because I made it across the finish line in one piece, albeit soon to be spotted like a dalmation with tube legs from bruising and inflammation.

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