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2011 Blogs

After Dalby World Cup the US Team flew from Manchester to Zurich, and then a bit of a drive from Zurich to Kirchzarten, Germany where we are based for the week leading to Offenburg World Cup.  Kirchzarten is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and the farm we are staying on is something out of a fairytale.  Chloe and I have a little apartment that is steps away from the farm store where we collect fresh eggs for breakfast.  It also offers fresh vegetables, delicious jams and honey, various slabs of meats and local pastas.  Another few steps and a chilly creek presents itself; one that I have been taking full advantage of to nurse the bruises away!

Animals always make being in a foreign place feel like home.  There’s a cutie pup called Emma who is full of energy.  There a few farm cats – one of which is not a cat at all.  Wayne and I were soaking in the creek yesterday and the cat stepped through the water, submerging it’s paws and tail in the cold water to come to where I was sitting and sat upon my thigh, just scoping things out, so curious.  Then of course the birds are a-chirping and you frequently hear the moo of the horses and mini-horses and the neigh of the cows.  There are also some pens where the chicken lay their eggs, where 2 calves were sleeping and where bunnies call home.  We had goat sausage last night, so I assume somewhere on this vast farm are goats! We were also treated to fresh steaks last night.

The weather has been gorgeous, sunny and warm.  The colors are like looking through a kaleidoscope with rolling green hills, flowers in their peak vibrancy and a clear blue sky.  Colors so crisp you can feel and taste them.  I followed Chloe and Stephen on a ride yesterday, as both are quite familiar with Kirchzarten and the surrounding trails and roads.  A short jaunt on the bike path and through the town proper of Kirchzarten and we were on a narrow windy road void of traffic.  This led us to a busier road which had a bike path beside it the entire way.  We climbed further away from town and the views remained amazing, the road a perfect grade snaking through little villages, all the while traffic was ever so courteous.  On a Tuesday at about lunch time the number of people on bike, some in team regalia, but most commuting was impressive.  When I went home and neared Kirchzarten there were swarms of kids on bikes heading home from school.  Seems that the bike paths are endless and bikes are the primary form of transport!

The team has nothing but praise for the trails around the farm and I hope to scope them out soon.  I am very happy and fortunate to spend the week in such a beautiful part of the world and am sad it’s only for the week!

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