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One weekend away from races feels like an eternity when they're crossing you right and left.  Last weekend was the calm before the storm of  December & the festivus of Christmas races.

Saturday was Scheldecross in Antwerp; a race I did 2 years ago when there was a bomb warning on the beach of the schelde. Nevertheless it's cyclocross in Belgium and VIPs were aplenty so the race went on. This year there was no scare but I'd say that I dropped the bomb. I crashed early in the race and heard and felt a massive pop in my shoulder. The sound was worse than the feeling so  I completed another lap but my wing was painful so I pulled out in the hope of saving some legs for Sunday's classic in Overijse.

Overijse is a lovely town with hills and I quickly fell in love with the area. Then I saw the course, which made me like Overijse even more. It made use of single track through the woods, a muddy and slippery hillside descent, some cobbles, steep climbs and a proper start loop. I had a great start loop until a massive crash leading onto the 1st full lap. Nikki Harris and Katie had taken the lead and I was shadowing them until I "catapulted" in a mud hole and went "boing" as the announcers so eloquently stated on the telly. At least if I'm not known for spectacular finishes I'll be known for my spectacular crash at Overijse. Gotta find the positive, right? I haven't seen the footage from the race but my acrobatics owned me that section.

After my DNF at Scheldecross I decided a 2nd DNF was out the question.  I carried on racing, but at that point it was more riding just to get around. I whacked my head solidly and was dizzy for the rest of it. My back and neck seized up quickly but I survived for a 10th place finish, nothing to be proud of, but at least it wasn't another DNF next to my name.

As I expected I am bruised and battered. I'm looking forward to seeing footage of the crash because I think it may explain some of the odd looking bruising in various places. I apologize for this less than stellar report but I think I am still a bit dazed...but don't worry, 5 days of recovery until next weekends' double of the Essen GVA Saturday and Namur World Cup Sunday; the words and wit will return.


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