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Amy's Poetry - COMING SOON!

We will be publishing a book of all of her poetry with all proceeds going to the Foundation. Here is the poem that Amy wrote for her mother's funeral in 2004:


Listen hard,

Strain your ears to hear the sound

Of her quiet chuckle,

The soft, calming voice.

It’s still there,

And will never vanish from my memory.

Cast your eyes upon the sky

That stole her final breath.

Do not glare with anger,

But more in wonder.

For if you search deep enough

You will see that perfect face.

Hold on to her,

She will guide you along

And will grasp your hand through difficulties.

Her encouragement and support

Should still ring in your ears

Because forever she will be perched on our shoulders.

No, no longer will we embrace,

Will she pick up our calls,

Ending with a cheery ‘I love you’,

But I know that if I open my heart,

She will always respond.


-Amy Alison Dombroski


Copyright © 2012 Amy Dombroski. All Rights Reserved.