amy alison dombroski

2008 Blogs

Sitting in the airport, waiting for my flight, which doesn’t leave until 5:30pm. And I arrived here at noon. Oh well, it was my only ride to the airport, so I need to be thankful for that help. But I don’t think I should be thankful for United. Those f’ers are now charging $175 each way for a bike! That’s more than the ticket. I should buy two seats, because my bike bag is smaller than that fat ass who is sitting next to me, who got to the seat first to put the arm rest up, because he can’t fit in the seat otherwise! United says they’re just keeping up with the competing airlines. Really? Then how come Southwest and Frontier are still $50?? And then he wants to charge me extra because it’s a third bag? And then he wants to charge me extra because it’s oversize? Doesn’t a bike bag entail that it is oversize?? So the grand total is $300, for the trip back to Denver. I’m either ready to throw my bikes at him and tell him to keep them. I talked him down to $175 – what a deal.

Then I start toward the security line. There’s a lady who is cleaning or straightening the poles which form the line. And she lunges toward me, barking at me for my boarding pass, as if I’m trying to sneak by or something. She looks at it, says “you’re United”, unfortunately, and I say “yes”. Stupid girls, you’re in the wrong terminal. How hard is it to just say, ‘walk that way toward the United terminal’, instead of your mean conniving growl? Then finally a nice old man looks at my ID, “Heading home to see the family for the holidays?”. If only it were that easy.

Traveling traveling traveling. It takes a certain type.

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