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2008 Blogs

This weekend there were two C2 UCI Cross races at Catamount. Catamount is an outdoor center that Dan and I grew up 10 miles from. Their vast trails are a mecca for mountain biking, trail running, cross country skiing, and now cyclocross. Eric Bowker and the crew put on a stellar race and the courses were oober fun and challenging.
On Saturday Lea D came out to play in her inaugural cross race. The next day she had a 50-miler mtb race. Ouch. This picture is funny because I always have the uncertainty of what to do with my arms and hands. Being short, when I put an arm around someone, I should probably go under the other person's arm. For some reason I went over Lea's arm, making for an awkward pose.
Here's my dad and Lea's parents after the race, schlepping the bikes.
Teammate Anna came up from the Haven of Connecticut and stayed at my Dad's bed and breakfast. Just recovering from a broken fibula, she had a solid weekend finishing up 4th on Sunday.
Foliage is getting there. It's good, but not great, not yet.
Anna riding hard.
Other teammate Stephanie White wreaks havoc.
My dad has been a flipping rockstar. The first morning I woke up he had french toast and ham ready, then scrambled eggs, sausage and toast on Saturday, and a kickin' breakfast sandwich for the passed two mornings. Oh, and don't even get me started on the dinners and desserts!
Here's camera man and pit crew. Tim's on the east coast for "work". He was 6th on Saturday and stepped upon the podium on Sunday!!

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