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2009 Blogs

Stage 3 of the Tour of the Gila was a 16+ mile time trial. The Webcor team had a good day with Alexis placing 3rd behind Olympic TT champ Kristin Armstrong and US national champ Allison Powers. We continued out trend of podium placings every day so far! Kristin smashed the 9-year old course record set by Jeannie Longo. Her time would have placed her 66th out of 146 pro men!

Allison's 2nd place moved her into 2nd overall, but only 11 seconds ahead of Katheryn. With another big climbing day on Sunday, there are still opportunities to move Katheryn up.

Here is Alex's Report:

"Stage 3 or the Tour of the Gila was the race of truth otherwise known as a Time Trial. The approximately 16- mile undulating course was a lot of fun, for someone who likes 39 odd minutes of Mindless pain!!!!!!

Kristin Armstrong again showed us how it is done, and in the process smashed the previous course record by nearly two minutes. I managed to ride out of my skin and placed third behind Alison Powers. Katheryn rode solidly to hold onto third place in overall classification.

Tomorrow is a criterium in downtown Silver City. It is such a great feeling in the team at the moment, as we are all excited about the crit tomorrow, so hopefully we can continue the daily trend of being on the podium."

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