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Feeling like a train-wreck in the mornings, I need my Italian cappuccino... We went back to the venue today to ride the course. It is more slick and slippery in sections, after more traffic on the course. It's been sunny, so maybe it'll dry out more.
Tomorrow is the Junior and U23 races.
Here's another video...


I find this pretty awesome: The key controls the power. In the hotel rooms, after swiping your key card to get into the room, you must then stick the key into a slot in the wall. This keeps the power turned on when you are in the room. When you leave, obviously you need to take the key with you. You pull the key out, it leaves the lights on for another 20 seconds, then all the power turns off when there is no one in the room or no key in the wall. Also, all the lights, both in the Belgian house, and here in Italy, are motion sensitive. So, if there is no one in the room for a given amount of time, they will automatically turn off. It's the little things that make a difference. As Froto says, "the power can be held in the smallest of things."

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