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2008 Blogs

The hunt for the best chocolate croissant took place today.

Hypotheses: No chocolate croissants are going to fail our tastebuds, but there has to be one croissant in this town that is better than another.

Test 1:
Our first experience with a chocolate pudding croissant. I thought, well, I love chocolate, and I love pudding, so put that in a croissant and that can't suck.
Test 2:
The winner -
Yep, Kerry and I both agreed that Alex's Bakery made the better croissant. There was more chocolate, and the croissant had more flavor.
Then we made a chocolate run to the Delhaize - Food Lion in Flemmish. Instead of solely browsing the cookie and chocolate aisle, we took a look at the beer aisle...which was a whole other wing of the grocery store. This is about a fifth of the selection.
Here's "the wall". You can find all the necessities here 24 hours a day. For some, their four main food groups: bread, fruit, chocolate, and alcohol.
An Izegem pigeon. Notice the shadow - that means that the sun is still shining.
A fat sheep. It must eat a lot of chocolate croissants.
The smallest car I have ever seen.

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