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2008 Blogs

The countdown begins! But first, here's a little vid vid: video
Els: Our ray of sunshine! Gearing up to go check out the venue...On our way to pre-ride the Worlds course. Umm, notice the knee warmers?
The course, which is awesome!!! Fast, not much mud, pretty much amazing.


A steep, muddy run-up, this is going to be painful.
Stairs. To the right, on that yellow-ish strip is a camera that zooms up and down to catch the racers running the stairs.

Jamey approves. The course rocks!

Go Team!

Check out this trash can at the airport! Compost, trash, and paper recycling.Same with the venue - bottles, trash, compost, paper recycling...

...makes this place beautiful.

Kerry and Sue

World Peace and carrots
On the warm-up loop, looking back at the venue.
Oh yes, it is so very sunny and warm.

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