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2008 Blogs

I'm gettin' me an edumication. I had my first week of classes at Fort Lewis College in Durango. After focusing on exercising my body for the passed couple years, it feels nice and strange to exercise my mind. One of my courses is Introduction to Mass Communication. It's a lot about movies and TV, so most of the time I am entirely lost until my ears perk up when she mentions the internets or cell phone or blog. She's also mentioned Facebook, which certain people are heckling me on about.

My psychology professor reminds me of my dad. You can tell he has an insurmountable depth of knowledge itching to crawl its' way out, it's just a matter of tapping into it. Then there are those silences in mid-conversation when you know his response is going to bite. Right Dad?

I don't have a strong impression of the other two classes: Testing & Statistics and the Sociocultural Foundation of Human Movement.

Descending from Colorado's "campus in the sky", after skate skiing at the golf course and making my way to Bread for my recovery cookie...the best darn bakery ever ever.
My new home, with superstar housemate Mary and....
...Berkeley the chocolate lab, who loves Chocolate toffee almond Triple Threats!
One evening he ate an entire box, wrappers and all. That's a good 3-4,000 calories. He was roaring to go the next morning when Mary took him running.

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