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2008 Blogs

Hoogerheide World Cup. Start time: 13:15. Temperature: 13 C and cloudy with a slight mist.

First World Cup under my belt. I was stoked to receive my number, until I found out that the number had nothing to do with call-up or start position. No, I was the third-to-last call-up. Oh well, no real disappointment there. It was the warmest weather I've raced in, for a long time. Nothing on the legs except for some burning gel that Els applied 45 minutes before the start. After my race I kept looking down and expecting to see flames emanating from my legs.

The start was fast and furious. The ladies were aggressive, but I was expecting that, and ready for it. I gave back what I received. 'Twas a long course - I think we completed 5 laps, and the mud was a slog. Really heavy mud that felt like quicksand. One fly-over that was way more fun than the fly-overs we raced in the USGP's. With these you ride the entire fly-over, and being so short, it's nice not having the stairs on one side. I was definitley expecting more spectators, but even though it's just outside of Belgium, it's still not Belgium, and the spectators don't come in herds. Although, Bart and Geert Wellens certainly had a crew of fans in attendance.
My legs weren't feeling too spry from the jet lag and from zero racing for the past month. But I think today blew a lot of junk out of the legs and lungs, so hopefully they'll be firing come next Sunday, when we move this circus over to Italy.
This is Kerry dialing her pressure. We were heckling her a bit for running 40psi in the warm-up lap. And I thought she was mountain biker??
And this is Kerry before she puts her game face on...thrilled.
This is the van of cross. Mercedes diesel. There's a washing machine in the back. Ingenious.

And this is a little morsel of heaven. Chellie, are you seeing this?? Els made these rice pudding cakes which captivated my taste buds.

4 hours post-race and my legs are still on fire inside, although the flames haven't rose to the surface yet. The post-race hack has subsided. Results are posted for u23 and Elite men, nothing up for the dames. I am hungry.

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