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2009 Blogs

Boulder Cup was last weekend, then a training week and local race weekend were on the calendar.  The week between was like Christmas, as all the new toys for the new bikes arrived day by day.  Joe built the frame with such precision, while Steven at Excel Sports put the bike together so intricately and with such attention to my prior bike, that when I hopped on it for the first time it fit me like a glove.  Saturday was it's maiden voyage as I made my way to Longmont, CO for a local race.  Raced with the 35+ Men in the morning, then the Women's Open a bit later. 

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about switching equipment at this point in the season; not just pieces of equipment, but the entire machine.  But when you are dealing with a masterful frame builder, experienced mechanics, with the build just right and the best available equipment, I suppose it is able to be as smooth a transition as it was.  Both races went well, with the exception of the maddening mud pit...its sole purpose at 10m long, was just to get you muddy and your bike screwed.  The mud dried as quick as alcohol, but hardened like cement.  The race organizers provided power washers, which was nice, but when the mud failed to come off my legs, it was not smart to rely on the power washer.  As I was spraying my legs it definitely did not feel good, but it wasn't until blood trickled down my legs that I realized the water had power washed my skin off!  Novice maybe, but I didn't like the chocolate frosting look on my legs!


There is a great cyclocross community in Boulder, so it's always refreshing to stay at home and race.  Many of the Men in the 35+ are ex-pros, so the morning race made for some fast racing.  I started at the back o' pack, and throughout the entire race, always had a carrot in front of me.  It was awesome to be pushed, and to be able to constantly observe different lines throughout the course.  The course offered a bit of everything - the ungodly mud pit, a great sand pit with a u-turn in it, some climbing, some pavement, a couple tricky barrier sections, twist-turny switchbacks, teeth chattering power was a perfect test for the new bike and I was happy to make my way into the top-10 of the men.  The women's race was about an hour later, but with all the clean-up, those minutes ticked away quickly.  With 15 minutes before the race I had to get on the bike and spin around, even though my chain was squeaking and mud was still crusted in my eyes!  This year the Men 45+ begin 1 minute in front of the Women's open.  This also makes for a constant carrot, because really, there are no slouches in any category in Colorado!  The race started out at a fast pace, as Ali P, Nicole D, and Mooch rocketed off the start.  I eventually took Ali's wheel and followed her around for about a lap, getting a gap on third place.  Through one of the uphill barrier sections I made my attack.  Throughout the rest of the race I tried to ride smoothly and continue to pick off to the men at the front of the bike race.  I pulled off my first win of the season, and the first win on the new rocketships. 

Thank you to everyone's support and expedited shipping to ensure the ride was ready...Clement, Primus Mootry, Schlamm, Reynolds, SRAM, FSA, Excel Sports, Ollett Coaching, I/O Bio Merino, Pearl Izumi, TRP, Lazer, Oakley, Hudz, AceCo Sports Group, Rotor components.  


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