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2007 Blogs

The words of the weekend are mystical and oasis...and, as seems to be the norm: epic. Here's Super Dave giving me a hug after the race.

Today was the the women's and men's U23 race, along with some master categories. We accumulated some snow which covered the frozen ruts, making for a challenging ride. Mystical snowflakes were floating all day making for a frozen tundra oasis.

On the men's side, Bjorn took the win, with my Jericho, VT homeboy Jamey Driscoll taking second!! I got some stars and bars and my teammate, Natasha Cowie took 4th! Here she is crushing the stairs.

I crashed on the first lap and hit my knee real hard, so now it looks like I have two knees on my right leg. Hmm.

Because it's so frigid, we hopped on the trainers back at the Super 8 to spin the leggies out....

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