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2008 Blogs

Woke up to an overcast day with some frost on the windshield, but no white stuff on the ground. We packed the car up for day 2 of psychocross - this time out to Morrison at Bear Creek Lake Park. Dry roads until about 15 miles outside of Boulder, then I had the first bad weather test for my new little dunebuggy.

I suited up,
and hopped on the course, and quickly fell off my steed, multiple times. It was like ice skating in Sorrel boots.
I gave the course my middle finger and hunkered in the car, not wanting to race.
But who wouldn't want their bike to look like this?!
It was pretty purdy. And who knows what Portland and Kansas will deliver for conditions?
Plus, I had people like Meredith to push me and to spend the 45-minutes with!
The secret to having fun was low tire pressure, and staying all loosy-goosy like a noodle. It was definitely a good core workout!
And good to practice my skills - my running skills, bike handling skills, numb-chuck skills, and pitting skills.
I stayed for the men's race and watched Baker crush souls. Robbie rocked it in his second elite race, flatting yesterday, he redeemed himself today with a 6th place finish!

Chellie was out cheering her lungs off and snapping these kicking pictures. Thanks!

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